Tu&Noi: Straight from our greenhouses to your tables.

TU & NOI (You and Us) is a brand new important farm from Verona, the most extended in terms of greenhouses cultivated with vegetables. It was born from the need to join the production (TU, the producer) with the commerce (NOI, Bruno srl) into a single figure. Straight from our greenhouses to your tables. Products, quantity, timing, processing and packaging are directly agreed with the last costumer using the maximum flexibility and dynamicity within every step. Thanks to a huge state of the art warehouse, which is equipped with processing lines, cold rooms and loading ramps, we can provide for an immediate preparation and shipping of the goods. Thanks to our geographic location we can guarantee the absolute freshness and highest quality of the products with very short delivery time. It’s Global Gap, Grasp and Ifs certified.

Where we are